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Our Wines

We offer a number of delicious wines made from grapes that are either native to Ohio or picked from vines that have been deemed cold hardy. Many people think of Ohio wines as sweet because, years ago, most Ohio wineries only made sweet wines. Today, both dry and sweet wines from locally grown grapes are now being crafted at many wineries across the state.

Wine Servings

Our wines are served by the bottle, glass, flight or individual tastings. For tastings, we recommend starting with dry to sweet and white to red. Find something you love? Take a few of your favorite bottles home. Buy a case of 12 and get a 10% discount.

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Similar to
Dry White
Sauvignon Blanc
Semi-Dry White
Pinot Grigio
Dry White
Semi-Dry Riesling
Dry Red
St. Croix (Steel)
French Blend
Dry Red
Marquette (Oaked)
(Sold Out)
California Blend
Dry Red
Cab Franc (Oaked)
Cab Sauvignon
Dry Red
Regent (Steel)
French Blend
Sweet White
Sweet Niagara
Sweet, floral
Sweet White
Sweet LaCrescent
Sweet White
(Sold out)
Moscato, pineapple
Sweet White
Peggy's Pink Catawba
White Zinfandel
Sweet Red
Sweet Red
Sweet Fruit
Bite of apple

Wine List

On your first visit, it may be challenging to know which wine to order. Every wine has its own flavor and aroma, but we can help you find something similar to your taste or even introduce you to something new. The table of wines above provides a list of all of our wines and wines that are similar or flavors/aromas you may notice.

We try to keep sufficient stock of all wines.  Some wines may not be available at the time of your visit. 

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