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Wine Service at Three Oaks

Due to the increase in customers. the restrictions from COVID-19 and our desire to continue offering tastings, we are changing how we serve wine on Saturdays to allow for quicker delivery!


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Our service remains the same.  Pick a table and we'll wait on you!  We'll bring you a menu and take your order for bottles, glasses and tasting flights. Check out our Friday wine menu online.


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We added a wine ordering space on Saturday for quicker delivery.  Order bottles of wine at the winery ordering table.  Mini bottles with tasting glasses provided immediately.  Servers bring out bottles of wine with glasses. View our Saturday menu here.

COVID-19 Expectations

We are expected to ensure our customers maintain social distancing rules. We have the following expectations:
- Tables are strategically placed to meet distance rules. Please do not move them. If your party needs the table changed in some way, ask for Pete!
- Group sizes are limited to 10 people or less.
- You can use the online store to order and pay for bottles, but it is not required.
- Please bring your mask. We are not requiring customers wear them, but the state recommends them when not seated.
- Seating is first come, first served. If we reach capacity, we will have signs at the entrance.
- Due to restaurant/bar rules for COVID-19, everyone needs to be seated, including any children.

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