Three Oaks Vineyard LLC

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Our Wines

Sold by the bottle, glass or tastings.  Tastings can be served individually or in a flight.  We recommend starting from dry to sweet, white to red. Many of our grape wines are crafted from grapes grown on our property. All are grown in Ohio.  We plant the vines, train them and maintain them. We pick, crush and press the grapes with the wonderful help of family and friends. We spend hours crafting wines and their names are simple for now - they are named after the grapes!

Dry Red

Dry & Off Dry White

Sweet & Semi Sweet

We try to keep sufficient stock of all wines.  Some wines may not always be available.   

Growing Grapes in Ohio

We grow Catawba, Niagara, Marquette, St. Pepin, St. Croix, Isabella, Concord, Chardonel and Reisling.
Yet, we quickly found we cannot make enough wine for everyone! 

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Our vineyard has over 800 vines.

So, we were excited to meet Jeanne Oakes.   Her vineyard supplies additional grapes for our wine.  We collaborate with Jeanne on when to harvest and we are there at harvest.  We load them up and bring them to Three Oaks Vineyard on the same day to process them into the tanks.

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Jeanne has a beautiful vineyard in Dresden, Ohio, where she grows the St. Croix, LaCrescent, Regent and Cab Franc grapes that go into our wine.